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Not In The Club: An Executive Woman's Journey Through the Biased World of Business
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Winner of 5 Book Awards


"Not In The Club may not shatter the glass ceiling, but it should help organizations incorporate strategies for dismantling it" - Nancy Walker, ForeWord Reviews Magazine

"A well-written, authoritative book. Pucino writes clearly    and potential corporate members should take her
advice to heart." - Alice DiNizo, Readers' Favorite Book Reviews

"An insightful account of an executive woman's journey through the male-dominated world of business." - Recommended Read, Online Review of Books and Current Affairs
"Janet Pucino offers much insight for women looking to break in and succeed....a strong addition to memoir
and career collections, not to be missed." -
James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review

“Pucino’s book is a call to arms for both men and women at every stage of their corporate careers……Promoting new ideas for business management with a refreshingly progressive focus...."– Cassee Chow, Literary Inklings

"This is a potentially stellar guide for all professionals, male as well as female, on how to succeed in business....there’s an increasing number of titles about women in management, but this one scores on both brevity and utility."  - The Library Journal Online

"No job is more important to a CEO than developing talent. Yet CEOs in most organizations allow the existence of a club mentality that excludes women and marginalizes their ability to do their best work. Janet Pucino has written an important and insightful book that describes the pervasive and insidious nature of 'The Club'. It should be mandatory reading for all leaders who want to build great organizations and all women who want to be successful in them."

- Jeff Stiefler, Chairman/Director of several public and private companies, former President, American Express, former Chairman and CEO, Digital Insight



    Women represent over 50% of the labor pool in the U.S. While a number have risen to top levels in corporate U.S.-based organizations statistically, they are exceptions at the executive levels and in boardrooms. Even when women reach the uppermost echelons in business, they seldom become a member of "The Club" to which their male counterparts belong.

    ‘Not In The Club’ provides an insightful look at the unique challenges women encounter as they advance toward executive positions while revealing candid, real-life experiences that expose biases and barriers. 

     With the help of leading scholars and professors in behavioral science, sociology, and economics, along with dozens of professional men and women who offered their stories and insights about their work experiences, ‘Not In The Club’ captures the critical elements of success while calling for a universal change in leadership throughout the business world.

"Janet's ability to share her years of experience navigating the course between success, gender and growth will equip the future women leaders in business with the necessary tools to blur the lines between gender and career aspiration.”

- James Barlett, Vice Chairman Teletech, former Chairman, President and CEO Galileo International


"In 'Not in the Club,' Janet Pucino illuminates how social – rather than biological – processes marginalize women who work in elite, male-dominated professions. Drawing on research, as well as her extensive personal experience in professional IT workplaces, Pucino presents a much-needed and engaging intervention into workplace gender inequality, and provides a road map for companies and individuals committed to eradicating the exclusionary practices of “the men’s club.” 

- Kristen Schilt, University of Chicago

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